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On the Northern edge of a path cutting through the Royal Avenue Gardens. Monument Tall rectangular granite monument with three stars etched in at its top with black lettering.  Dedicated on 6 June 2017 as the 28th monument managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Monument Text:

"The United States of America honors the courage, sacrifice and achievements
of the American armed forces who, with their allied comrades,
prepared for and launched the liberation of Europe from these shores.
Embattled in the face of Nazi tyranny, Great Britain became a sturdy platform
as the Allies carried the fight to the enemy, landing in France on 6 june 1944.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of tons of supplies moved through
Great Britain as the United States and its Allies defended the island, trained and
prepared, and then went over to the offensive.
The Allies forged ahead with ever increasing strength and confidence,
securing the blessings of freedom and liberty for generations yet unborn.

This memorial further commemorates the enduring bonds between
the United Kingdom and the United States,
and their shared sacrifices during peace and war
serving the cause of justice."