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100th Division plaque

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On the outside wall of the extension building to the left of the town hall (as you face the building). Plaque A stone plaque with gold inscription and French and English text. The insignia of the 100th Division is depicted, along with crosses French and American flags.

Monument Text:

This plaque is dedicated by the city of Raon l'Etape and the 100th US Infantry Division to the nearly 1500 soldiers of the division who were killed, wounded, missing, or captured during the Battle of the Vosges, known as the ensemble de Raon l'Etape, between November 6, 1944 and November 20, 1944 when the city was taken by the 100th Infantry Division. It is also dedicated to the citizens of Raon l'Etape who lost their lives or were injured during the battle.



100th Infantry Division

United States Army