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L'Espace Colonel Edward Hamilton

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L’Espace Colonel Edward Hamilton is co-located with the “Les Quatres Braves” statue, which commemorates four soldiers of the 90th Infantry Division.  L’Espace Colonel Edward Hamilton sits just east of the north entrance of the mairie facing the church, which lies to the northwest. It is located east of the parking lot.  The easternmost boundary of the square is bordered by Place du General de Gaulle near the intersection with the D900.

Monument Blue plaque affixed to the wall of a pointed rock & stucco building that sits adjacent at a right angle to the Biblioteque Jeunesse.  This building and the Biblioteque Jeunesse form the southwestern boundary of the square, which also houses the town's Monument du Morts.  

Further to the southeast, and co-located with "Les Quatre Braves," is a plaque that contains the biographies of Colonel Hamilton and the four soldiers commemorated in the "Les Quatre Braves" statue.  

Monument Text:

The text of Colonel Hamilton's biography on the plaque reads,

Edward Hamilton was born on 20 March 1917 in Dallas, Oregon.  On 23 June 1944, he took command of the 1st Battalion of the 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division. 


His unit of approximately 800 men took part in the capture of Denneville, Saint-Lo d’Ourville during June 1944 and then of Saint-Jores on 4 July 1944.  Also, in the difficult and fierce battle for Le Plessis-Lastelle (Beaucondray) from 5-12 July 1044.  On 14 July 1044 his unit participated in the liberation of Gonfreville where he strategically supported the terrible battle of Seves Island.  On 27 July 1944, the 357th Infantry Regiment conducted reinforcement operations in support of the 83rd US Division and liberated the villages of Raids, Saint-Sebastien de Raids, and Saint-Martin d’Aubigny.


Finally, on 10 September 1944, as always, he led the attack up the hill that overlooks Hayange (Moselle).  There, he was critically wounded and struck in the head by shrapnel from a shell, putting an end to his brilliant military career. 


In recognition of his battlefield achievements he received numerous decorations by the US Army.  In Jauary 2005 he was awarded the Legion of Honor from France.  Colonel Hamilton returned many times to Periers, as well as his other battlefields, before his death on 30 June 2006 in Annandale, Virginia.


Colonel Hamilton’s remains are buried in the military cemetery at the Military Academy at West Point.  According to his will, a bundle of his ashes was put to rest in his beloved Periers.  



Edward Hamilton




Normandy Invasion

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