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357th Infantry Regiment 11 Soldiers Plaque

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Affixed to the street-facing front of a three-storey, duplex residential building situated at No. 29 Rue du General de Gaulle (D952) on the north side of the road.  The rail line runs directly behind the house.   Plaque Bronze plaque commemorating 11 soldiers of the 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division.  It is situated directly above a smaller plaque that marks the site of the interred ashes of Lieutenant Colonel Edward Smith Hamilton, the "Liberator of Hayange."  

Monument Text:

A la memoire des soldats du 357eme d'infanterie 
90eme division de l'armee americaine tombes pour la 
liberation du Hayange le 10 septembre 1944 morts aux service
de leur patrie et pour la liberte de l'humanite 
Nous n'oublierons pas

Company A
Albert Lemmon
Alphonse T. Ludwig
Willian L. Minton
Donald Miller
Lawrence A. Peters
Richard Fern
Gabriel J. Poletts
Bernard A. White

Company C
Vernie D. Liebl
Rex L. Sprouse

Company D
Stanley A. Wozniczka

In honor of those soldiers of the 357th Infantry 90th Division US-Army
who in the liberation of Hayange on 10 September 1944 died in 
the service of their country and the freedom of mankind  
We shall not forget



Richard Fern

Albert Lemmon

Vernie D.  Liebl

Alphonse T. Ludwig

Donald Miller

William E. Minton

Lawrence A. Peters

Gabriel J. Poletta

Rex Leroy Sprouse

Bernard A.  White

Stanley A.  Wozniczka


357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division




Normandy Invasion

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