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75th Infantry Division Plaque

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This plaque is located on the perimeter wall of the Église Saint-Laurent that parallels the N68 highway (Rue Capitaine Lekeux). Plaque This dark bronze plaque is mounted on a white marble base and features the insignia of the 75 Infantry Division (top center) as well as the Combat Infantry Badge with three stars (bottom center). The plaque's English inscription commemorates the heroism and bravery of American GI's and Belgian citizens during the Battle of the Bulge. On the left side on the this plaque, there is a gold painted wood plaque with the French translation of the same inscription. On the right side of the central plaque, there is an identical painted wood plaque with the Dutch translation of the original inscription. Both of these plaques feature the insignia of the 75th Infantry Division (top right) and the seal of Grand-Halleux (top left). Additionally, there are four shelves, one above and one below the central plaque and one below each of the side plaques, where citizens can place flowers. 

Monument Text:

"Grand Halleux, Belgium
January, 1945
To Those Gallant American Soldiers
And Stalwart Belgian Citizens
Who Gave Their Lives In
The Battle of The Bulge
Grant Unto Them, O Lord, Eternal Rest
291st Infantry Regiment, 75th Division
United States Army"

"Grand-Halleux, Belgique
Janvier, 1945
In Memorian
De Ces Vaillants Soldats Américains et vigoreux
citoyens belges qui ont donné leurs vies
lors de la bataille des Ardennes.
Accorde leur Seigneur, le repos éternel.
291ème Régiment d'infanterie 75e Div.

"Grand Halleux, België
Januari, 1945
In Memoriam
Ter herinnering aan de moedige
Amerikaanse soldaten en de Belgische burgers die
huh leven gaven tijdens de Slag van de Ardennen.
Geef han, Heer, de eeuwige rust.
291st Infantry Regiment, 75th Division



291st Infantry Regiment

75th Infantry Division

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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