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American Service Members Plaque

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This plaque is located immediately inside the cathedral's Memorial Cloister on the left hand side. It is directly across the hallway from a similar plaque dedicated to the civilian casualties of World War II. Plaque This light marble plaque features a bilingual English and French inscription in red lettering that is dedicated to all members of the United States military who were killed during World War II.

Monument Text:


In Memory

Of the 138,000 Members Of
America's Armed Forces Who
Gave Their Lives In Evrope 
Dvring World War II

A La Memoire Des 138000 Morts Des
Forces Armees Des Etats Vnis 
Pendant La Seconds Gverre Mondiale
En Evrope"



United States Air Force

United States Army

United States Army National Guard

United States Army Reserve

United States Coast Guard

United States Marine Corps

United States Naval Reserve

United States Navy