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In the field just off of the road. Marker A rough fieldstone on which is mounted a dark plaque with gold lettering in French and English. The monument marks the spot where the B-24 went down, killing 6 members of the crew as they were bombing the nearby airfield of Brétigny-sur-Orge.

Monument Text:

En hommage aux 10 membres de l'equipage du bombardier americain B.24 Liberator abattu ici le 25 juin 1944 provoquant la mort de 6 d'entre eux. 

In tribute to the 10 members of the crew of the American bomber B.24 Liberator shot down here on June 25, 1944 killing six of them.

Morts au Combat / KIA
Lt O A Weeklund (MIA)
LT K W Langenmayr
LT E L Cockrill
SGT K B Brookshier
SGT E L Belleville
SGT M T Verges

Prisonniers de Guerre / POW
SGT F P Lebland
SGT D R Firzgibbons
SGT W C Wixted
SGT W J Schmidt