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American War Memorials Overseas works to document, promote, and preserve non-government supported War Memorials honoring Americans outside of the USA to ensure these monuments remain part of local communities forever.  (Our mission is to help care for those private memorials and gravesites where the US government has no responsibility.) War Memorials commemorate our shared past, and overseas war memorials honoring Americans are an important symbol of America's international engagement.

American War Memorials Overseas seeks to cooperate with other organizations, at international, national, and local levels, to better safeguard the future of War Memorials honoring Americans overseas in both their social and historical context.

American War Memorials Overseas is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation and as such is entirely dependent on donated funds. AWMO seeks to receive funding from individual contributions, corporate contributions, and private foundation grants.

3rd Infantry Division, Chateau Thierry, France