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Advice on Maintaining war memorials

US Army WWI jump-off point, Flirey, France

3rd Aviation Training Center, Paudy, France

This page is intended as a resource for anyone interested in the technical aspects of memorial maintenance. We will endeavor to provide advice according to the best international practices available, and will provide links to exceptional resources on the world wide web. Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions. 

General Guidance
The War Memorials Trust in the UK has a remarkable website that is a treasure of information on war memorials. You can download their pamphlet “Advice on Maintenance of War Memorials'' at  In addition, they have a bibliography focused on the Conservation and Restoration of war memorials at

The National Park Service publishes Conserve O Grams as part of their Museum Management Program.  See for a full listing.

Walker Metalsmith of Escondido, California, publishes a thorough free e-pamphlet '' Preserving Bronze Plaques and Memorials''. Download it at

The National Park Service two part series on Outdoor Bronze Plaques can be found at and

Historic Motor Vehicles
The National Park Service Conserve O Gram '' Preparing Historic Motor Vehicles for Preservation or Exhibit'' can be found at

Marble Headstones
For advice on maintaining or replacing marble US government headstones, follow our link on this site.