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Foy Cemetery Memorial

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On the west side of a small road just outside the town of Foy Monument Three metal structures: The right most is a rotating disk, the leftmost has a cup anemometer inside of it, and the center one has an American cemetery marble cross on the left side and a Star of David marble headstone on its right. The center piece has a large granite plaque with two stainless steel doves above it, and the words "Thank You" split to the sides, and Peace above it cut out of stainless steel. Below the plaque is a shelf with gravel where candles can be placed. The plaque has an American and Belgian flag etched in and a silhouette of a soldier looking over a temporary grave. 

Monument Text:

"Here lies the site of the FOY AMERICAN TEMPORARY CEMETERY From 1945 to 1948 it served as a temporary resting field for 2,701 Americans killed in action during THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE 12-16-1944 * 1-28-1945

Ici se trouvait LE CIMETIERE TEMPORAIRE AMERICAIN DE FOY De 1945 à 1948, il a servi de champ de repos à 2.701 dépouilles de soldats américains tombés pendant la BATAILLE DES ARDENNES 16-12-1944 * 28-1-1945

We have only died in vain if you believe so;
You have to decide the wisdom of our choice,
By the world which you shall build upon our headstones,
And the everlasting truth, which have your voice.
Though dead, we are not heroes yet, nor can be,
'Til the living by their lives which are the tools,
Carve us the epitaph of wise men,
And give us not the epitaph of fools.
David J. Phillips, 506th P.I.R./ 101st Abne Div."



David J. Phillips


United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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