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Liberators of Vesoul

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Situated in the English Garden (Jardin anglais) near the center of Vesoul. Monument Rose granite monument with French text dedicated to the liberators of Vesoul form the 141st and 143rd Regiments, 36th Infantry Division.  A crossed American and French flag along with the unit insignia are on top, and the town's symbol is on thebottom.  Dedicated in 2016.

Monument Text:

To the memory of the American soldiers of the 36th INF DIV  

SGT Arthur BAIRD Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 
PFC Edward KEARNS Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 
PVT Dominic RUSSO Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 
PVT Roy SANDERS Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 
PFC Barney WILKERSON Co F 2nd/143rd RGT 
PFC John NORRIS Co F 2nd/143rd RGT 
SSGT Weldon DOSSER Co A 1st/141st RGT 
PFC Arnold TYRA Co A 1st/141st RGT 
SGT Lyle KAUFMAN Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 
CPL Victor CASARETTI Co H 2nd/143rd RGT 

And their brothers in arms who fell on the field of honor for the liberation of the village of Vesoul on 12 September 1944 

 Lest we forget



Arthur Baird

Victor Casaretti

Weldon Dosser

Lyle Kaufman

Edward Kearns

John  Norris

Dominic Russo

Roy Sanders

Arnold Tyra

Barney Wilkerson


141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division

143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Division

143rd Regiment, 36th Infantry Division




Normandy Invasion

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