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LTC Edward Smith Hamilton Plaque

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Affixed to the street-facing front of a three-storey, duplex residential building situated at No. 29 Rue du General de Gaulle (D952) on the north side of the road. †The rail line runs directly behind the house. †† Plaque Bronze plaque marking the site where the ashes of Lieutenant Colonel Edward Smith Hamilton have been laid to rest. †

The plaque is situated directly below a larger bronze plaque commemorating 11 soldiers of the 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division. †

While Colonel Hamiltonís remains are buried in the cemetery at the US Military Academy at West Point, according to his will, a bundle of his ashes was laid to rest in Hayange and Periers (Normandy).††

Monument Text:

Ici repose
Le Colonel Hamilton
Liberateur de la Ville de Hayange

Here lies
Colonel Hamilton
Liberator of the Town of Hayange



Edward Hamilton

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