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On the north side of the road approximately 600 m from the center of the town. Statue A bronze figure situated on top of a granite base—a  woman looking toward the sky grasping a victory wreath of laurel in her raised right hand while holding an olive branch in her other hand. The base of the memorial is emblazoned with the state seal of Missouri. There is a French inscription on the front of the monument, and the corresponding English text on the back.  According to the book “American Women Artists in Wartime, 1776-2010,” the Missouri memorial was erected in 1922 and sculpted by Nancy Coonsman Hahn— also a Missourian, and a student of the St. Louis School of Fine Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Monument Text:

Erected by the state of Missouri USA in memory of her sons who died in France for humanity during the great war 1917 – 1918



35th Division

United States Army



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