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This M26 Pershing is located in the room called "Les Alliés Seconde Guerre mondiale" (The Allies during the Second World War) in the back of the museum.  Combat Vehicle The M26 was the first piece of Allied armor that had the true capacity to stand up to German tanks. Unfortunately, however, it was deployed a bit too late to have a major effect and saw most of its service in Korea. The Pershing featured the best engine and thickest armor up until that point and offered a smother ride with better traction than previous generations of medium and heavy tanks. Because of the inefficiency of the M4 Sherman against German armor, controversy lingers amongst military historians over why the M26 was not produced and introduced sooner.

Monument Text:

"Even before they had land in Normandy, the Americans were conscious that the Sherman had weaknesses compared to German tanks. The offensive in the Ardennes in December 1944 put forward their implementation and a few specimen were directly experimented in the field from February 1945 within the 3rd and the 9th US armoured divisions."


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