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This M41 Walker Bulldog is located in the room called "Salle Monde contemporain" (The Contemporary World) in the front of the museum.  Combat Vehicle The M41 was built immediately after a complete overhaul of armor classifications for the U.S. military. Possessing a 76mm canon, the M41 is considered a light tank. Other components of the 1950 reclassification include the ability to transport light tanks by air (although this became impossible with the tank's other improvements) and the development of a longer barrel and improved rangefinder. Despite being an improvement over its predecessor, the M41 was plagued by problems of crew space and noice due to its 500 HP engine. The M41 served in Korea and Vietnam (its main theater of action) and was sold to other nations, particularly some in Latin America. 

Monument Text:

"This light tank was built by CADILLAC which was one division of the General Motors Corporation.

It was meant to take the place of the M24 CHAFFEE. It is fit with a "cross drive" type that also appears on the M47 PATTON. It met success with exportation and was used as the basis of many versions."


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