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This M47 Patton is located in the room called "Salle Monde contemporain" (The Contemporary World) in the front of the museum.  Combat Vehicle Although production fo the M47 stopped in 1953 and the tank itself was deemed obsolete in 1957 (despite remaining in service until 1963, it was used by the U.S. Army, Marines, and NATO allies. In fact, the M47 was designed as a temporary vehicle with a new turret on an existing body after the breakout of conflict in Korea. Despite being a short-lived tank for the U.S. armed forces, the M47 was deployed widely across the world from Africa to the Middle East to parts of Europe such as Croatia. 

Monument Text:

"The design of the M47 "PATTON" was based closely on the M26 "PERSHING", which appeared just shortly before the end of World War Two, but whose 300 hp Ford V8 engine was inadequate for powering such a heavy tank. The hull was thus completely re-designed for integrating a more powerful 810 hp CONTINENTAL aviation engine, which "guzzled" 120 liters of gas per hour! The M47, aka "PATTON" for the American general of WWII, was very widely used within the American sphere of influence, and some were issued to France as well."


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