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This M60 A3 is located in the room called "Salle Monde contemporain" (The Contemporary World) in the front of the museum.  Combat Vehicle The M60 A3 was produced between 1962 and 1980 and remained in active service until 1997. The M60 A3 protects its crew from biological and chemical warfare and features a mine clearing system. Later edition of the original M60 would feature a revolutionary fire control system allows the crew to import a variety of conditions (wind speed, air temperature, and other environmental factors) and weapon preferences for up to six different types of ammunition, making the M60 A3 a truly modern tank. 

Monument Text:

"This tank was derived from the M26, M47, M48 which it is destined to replace in the American army.

It is endowed with the British L7 gun of 105mm, produced with a licence. The A3 versions have a stabilised-fire system and a laser-assisted aiming. 13000 specimens have been produced. 


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