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This AMM8 is located in the room called "Les Alliés Seconde Guerre mondiale" (The Allies during the Second World War) in the back of the museum.  Combat Vehicle The AMM8, also known as the "Greyhound," was designed to accompany units into tough terrain although its actual performance, particularly off-road, fell short of expectations. Another shortcoming of the M8 was the lack of protection from mines which it offered; although the sloped armor on the front of the vehicle was fairly effective, the rest of the vehicle, particularly the underbelly, lacked any serious protection. This fact led troops to add sandbags as a protective measure. Still, however, the stealth capabilities of the M8 (it was designed to be as quiet as possible) made it an overall effective vehicles for several purposes and earned it the additional nickname of "Patton's Ghost" or just the "ghost."       

Monument Text:

"This amazing reece submachine gun was built to a number of 9500. Souple, fast and silent, hardwaring and easy to construct and use, it equipped light armoured calvary vehicles during the years 43/45. It was then used extensively in India-China and in Africa."


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