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The plaque is located at the intersection of Grenzweg and Jean-Sauer-Weg/Camp-King-Allee. There is a small alcove (surrounded by shrubs) just off of the road that leads into a larger grassy area populated with apartment buildings. Plaque A small black granite base supports a bronze plaque that honors Charles B. King, an American soldier killed in France during World War II. On the back side of the marble base is another plaque made of granite that reads, "Charles B. King: Duty Honor Country." The memorial was dedicated in 1986. 

The site, previously known as Camp King, was used by the German Air Force during World War II before being transformed into a U.S. military installation in 1968. Today, it is a residential area. 

Monument Text:

"Colonel Charles B. King
United States Army
28 May 1906 - 22 June 1944
Legion of Merit

Colonel King was killed in action in France while
serving as assistant chief of staff for Intelligence
VII Corps. He was posthumously awarded the Legion
of Merit for his dedicated service prior to and
during the Allied invasion of Europe. Camp King
was named in his honor on 19 September 1946.

And when our work is done, our course
on Earth is run, may it be said
'Well done be thou at peace.'
Duty  Honor  Country"



Charles B King


IV Corps

United States Army



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