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Lt. Leland Williams Memorial

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The memorial is located on the south side of Rotkreuzstrasse at the western extremity of a long series of apartment complexes. The memorial is located 150m to the east of the intersection of Rotkreuzstrasse and Shäfflerstrasse. Monument The Leland Williams memorial is a white concrete pillar with a gray base and top. It is located in a small grassy area and there are flowers on both sides of the monument. There is a bronze plaque in the center of the pillar that explains Lt. Williams' sacrifice during the Berlin Airlift and the town of Erding's appreciation. When Erding began construction of a new part of the city in 1949, it was named Williamsville in honor of Lt. Williams.

Monument Text:

"Zum Gedenken An LTNT
Lelan Williams
[Cross Symbol] 1948

Der Von Der
Airbase Erding Aus
Bei Der Aktion
Luftbrücke Berlin
Als Pilot Im Taunus
Durch Flugzeugabsturz
Sein Leben Verlor.

Wir Gedenken Voller

English Translation:

"In Memory of Lt. Leland Williams
He flew from the Erding Airbase during the Berlin
Airlift Operation and lost his life after his plane
crashed in Taunus.

We commemorate him with gratitude"



Leland V Williams


United States Air Force