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551st PIB Rochelinval Community Plaque

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This plaque is located on the right hand side of the small park that constitutes the Rochelinval site. It is separated from the other two American memorial plaques which are located in the center of the park.  Plaque This black and white granite plaque is mounted on a rough gray field stone and features two small metal representations of the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion's insignia in the top right and left hand corners. The plaque's bilingual French and English inscription is dedicated to the shared sacrifice and struggle between the 551st PIB and the people of Rochelinval. 

Monument Text:

"551st American Parachute
Infantry Battalion

Dedicated In Memory of The Courageous
Sacrifices Of The Belgian People In
Our Mutual Struggle Against Oppression
And To Restore The Liberty
Remember - Them

Dedie En Souvenir Des Courageux
Sacrifices Du Peuple Belge Pendant
Notre Lutte Commune Contre
L'Oppression Et Pour Retablir
La Liberte
Ne Les Oubliez Jamais




551st Parachute Regiment

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge