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"Defenders" Plaque

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This plaque is located on the center left of the memorial at the Vielsalm lakeside site.  Plaque This thin silver metal plaque is attached to a gray field stone. Along the top of the plaque are the insignia of four different Airborne or Airborne related units. From left to right the represented units are: the 82nd Airborne Division, the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion, and the 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion. The plaque's bilingual English and French inscription expresses the gratitude of the Belgian people toward these units that defended the Rencheux Bridge that spans the Salm River and links the town to Vielsalm. The defense of Vielsalm was an important step in stopping the German westward advance and turning the tide of the battle back in the Allies' favor. 

Monument Text:

"82nd Airborne Division
'All American' (AA)

508th Parachute
Infantry Regiment 
(Company A&B)

319th Glider Field
Artillery Battalion
(A Battery)

307th Airborne
Engineer Battalion
(Company D)

Battle of the Bulge
December 21-24, 1944
'In Tribute to our Defenders'

'With utmost respect and gratitude to the American paratroopers
who defended the Rencheux Bridge and river line and to the memory of their comrades
who gave their lives for the liberation of Belgium and our Peace and Freedom.'

'Avec le plus profond respect et la plus grande gratitude envers les parachutistes
américains qui défendirent le pont et la rive de Rencheux. À la mémoire de leurs camarades 
qui donnèrent leur vie pour libérer la Belgique, pour notre Paix et pour notre Liberté.'

C-47 Club 
82nd Airborne Division
Ardennes Salm River Chapter 
September 7, 2013"



307th Airborne Engineer Battalion

319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment

82nd Airborne Division

United States Army




Battle of the Bulge

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