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United States Air Force Plaque

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This plaque is located in the top center of the memorial at the Vielsalm lakeside site. Plaque This thing silver metal plaque is mounted on a gray field stone. It features the insignia of the United States Army Air Forces (top left) as well as that of the Royal Air Force (top right). The plaque's bilingual English and French inscription commemorates the sacrifice of the airmen of the two mentioned air forces and of the other air forces who participated in aerial combat during not only the Battle of the Bulge but during the entirety of the Second World War.

Monument Text:

"In honor of all the members of the
US Air Force and the Royal Air Force, 
of all nationalities,
serving in World War II in the skies over Belgium.

En mémoire de tous les membres de l'US Air Force, de la Royal Air Force
et des autres Alliés de toutes nationalités
qui ont servi pendant la 2ème guerre mondiale dans le ciel belge.

C-47 Ardennes Salm River Chapter - Vielsalm 18 décembre 2014"



United States Air Force




Battle of the Bulge

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