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American Expeditionary Forces Window

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This stained glass window is located in the northwest corner of the church. Enter the church from the main entrance on Quai d'Orsay; this window is the first one on the right hand side if you are facing the altar.  Commemorative Object This stained glass window is dedicated to the American Expeditionary Forces (the name which the U.S. Army adopted during the First World War) as well as the general concept of Franco-American Friendship that stretches back to the American Revolution. The window is divided into two sides, the American side on the left and the French side on the right. In the center of the window, the American side shows General George Washington flanked by an American soldier from the First World War. Gen Washington is facing the French side that features Marquis de Lafayette who is flanked by a French soldier from the time period of the American Revolution. Above each of these four individuals are their respective family or military seals. 

The bottom of the American side of the window shows an American military boat which is transporting soldiers to Europe after the United States' entrance into the First World War. To the right of the ship, the window shows the ringing of the Liberty Bell. At the same level on the French side, the window features a depiction of the fall of the Bastille as well as a naval ship of François Joseph Paul de Grass, the French admiral who helped engineer the American victory during the Battle of the Chesapeake.

Above the central figures of Washington and Lafayette, the American side of the window displays William Penn (left) and Abraham Lincoln (right). The French side of this part of the window features Saint Martin (right) and Saint Louis (left), both of whom engaged in military activity. The very top of the window shows the Archangels Gabriel (right) and Michael (left). The very bottom of the window features an biblical citation from Revelation: "They Loved Not Their Lives Unto The Death." 

Monument Text:




Marquis de (Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier) Lafayette

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington


Allied Expeditionary Force

United States Army