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35th Infantry Division Plaque

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This plaque dedicated to the 35th U.S. Infantry Division is located on the front side of the Fossieux town hall, immediately to the right of the main entrance and above one of two glass display cases that hold town announcements.  Plaque This black granite plaque bears a French inscription in gold lettering that commemorates the entrance of the 35th U.S. Infantry Division into Fossieux and therefore the town's liberation. The fighting in Fossieux took place between October 8th and 10th of 1944. The 3rd Battalion of the 35th Infantry Division pushed the German resistance out of Fossieux on October 8th. The Germans recaptured the town the following day, only to be overcome by the soldiers of the 35th once and for all on October 10th. 

Monument Text:

"8 octobre 1944
entrée de la 35e division U-S
à Fossieux

English Translation:

"October 8, 1944
Entrance of the 35th U.S. Division
into Fossieux



35th Infantry Division