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296th Engineer Plaque

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On the bridge abutment, on the side facing the town.   Plaque A black metal plaque with French text mounted on a white stone base which is mounted on the stone bridge abutment. The plaque honors the 296th Engineer Battalion which build a bride to cross the Meuse here from 10-15 September 1944.  The top of the plaque displays the unit insignia.

Monument Text:

296th Engineer Combat Battalion

Sedan, the 9th of June, 1994

En Souvenir de la construction d'un pont sur la Meuse par le 296th Bataillon de Genie de l'Armee des Etats-Unis d'Amerique du 10 au 15 Septembre 1944

ENGLISH TRANSLATION:  In memory of the construction of a bridge over the Meuse by the 296th Engineer Combat Battalion of the US Army from 10 to 15 September 1944.



296th Engineer Combat Battalion

United States Army



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