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Historicus Museum- Caspoli

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The museum is located on the ground floor of a residential building.  Entry is in the back- the side away from the mountains (Monte La Difensa)


The Historicus Museum (Museo Historicus) is a private museum run by the Association Museo Historcus and is located at the foot of Monte La Difensa in the locality of Caspoli in the town of Mignano Monte Lungo. The First Special Service Force Association served as the inspiration to start this museum.  The town of Mignano Montelungo lays in the heart of the Mignano gap- a narrow point along route SS 6 where the Germans built the defensive Bernhardt (also called the Reinhard) line through the surrounding mountains. Taking the Mignano Gap was key to the 5thArmy Drive through the Gari and Liri Valleys, which was the passage to Rome.   This museum focuses on military operations in this area during World War II From October 1943 to early 1944.  The Museum has a well-curated collection of military artifacts, photographs, equipment and uniforms and a focus on Operation Raincoat – the operation to take the key terrain to control the approaches to San Pietro Infine to Cassino. These local mountain battlefields include: Monte La Difensa (Also known as La Defensa and Hill 960); Monte Lungo; Monte Camino; and Monte Rotondo.  US units well represented in the museum include the 3rd; 34th; 36thInfantry Divisions and the First Special Service Force (FSSF), also know as the “Devils Brigade”.  


The museum also hosts the local chapter of the 3rdInfantry Division Association- Outpost # 16 “Floyd K. Lindstrom”in honor of the 3rdDivision soldier who won the Medal of Honor just above Caspoli.  The Chapter is active and has placed numerous plaques remembering the heroic actions of Medal of Honor recipients Captain Maurice “Footsie Britt and PFC Floyd Lindstrom as well as a plaque remembering the famous Aude Murphy service in the area.  The museum has sections dedicated to these heroes of the 3rdDivision.   



The museum staff hosts guided tours to the local battlefields and sites of heroism, particularly the FSSF’s remarkable conquest of Monte La Defensa.


For more information google Museo Historicus, Caspoli.

Monument Text:




Maurice Lee “Footsie”  Britt

Robert Tyron Frederick

Floyd K. Lindstrom

Audie Leon Murphy

William T. Rothlin


15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division

34th Infantry Division

36th Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division

5th Army

7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

Canadian Army

First Special Service Force (FSSF)





Italian Campaign

Operation Raincoat

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