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B-24 Liberator Monument

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In the parking lot on the east side of the road. Monument

A four-meter wide brick wall, placed on the site where an American aircrew was lynched. The men on the wall, who landed near Hutterup as their plane crashed, were accused of being terrorists by the townspeople (already angered by damage caused to their town by a RAF bombing raid the previous night).  The aircrew were lynched--six were murdered and two managed to escape.  Four stones from the brick wall of 1944 have been incorporated, which was demolished in 1986 due to the widening of Grabenstraße. On the back, the portraits of the victims are milled. Text is inscribed on each narrow side, one side in English, the other in German. The monument was inaugurated on August 31, 2004.

Monument Text:

On the left side (facing the portraits):


At this spot, on August 26 1944, following a

British air-raid on Rüsselsheim, eight American

airmen on their way to emprisonment were

driven and lynched by an enraged mob.


Elmor L. Austin, William Dumont,

Norman Rogers, John Sekul, Haigus Tufenkjian

and Thomas D. Williams were murdered.

William Adams and Eugene S. Brown survived

and managed to escape.


May this memorial recall us to our common humanity.


Paul Oestreicher


Rüsselsheim, August 26, 2004



Right side:


Hier wurden am 26. August 1944 nach einem

britischen Luftangriff auf Rüsselsheim acht

amerikanische Flieger auf ihrem Weg in die

Gefangenschaft von einer aufgebrachten

Menge gejagt und gelyncht.


Elmor L. Austin, William Dumont,

Norman Rogers, John Sekul, Haigus Tufenkjian

und Thomas D. Williams wurden ermordet.

William Adams und Eugene S. Brown

überlebten und konnten fliehen.


Möge uns dieser Ort des Erinnerns

zur Menschlichkeit mahnen.


Paul Oestreicher


Rüsselsheim, den 26. August 2004


Der Magistrat der Stadt Rüsselsheim

Initiative zur Erinnerung an den 26. August 1944



William Morris Adams

Elmore Lathrop “Buster” Austin

Sidney Eugene Brown

William A. Dumont

Norman J., Jr. Rogers

John Nicholas Sekul

Haigus Tufenkjian

Thomas D., Jr. Williams


854th Bomber Squadron, 491st Bomber Group

United States Air Force



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