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2Lt. William A. Clark, Jr. Plaque

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Attached on the inside wall of the bridge, at the west side near the stairway. Plaque A small white plaque with French text inscription. It honors the bravery and sacrifice of the fallen 2Lt. William Clark, Jr. during a mission.

Monument Text:

En ce lieu, le 28 aot 1944


le 2nd Lieutenant

William A.Jr CLARK


Pilote au 314 FS - 324 FG US Air Force

a ete mortellement bless en mission de guerre


English translation: 


In this area, August 28, 1944


2nd Lieutenant

William A.Jr CLARK


Pilot of the 314 FS - 324 FG US Air Force

was fatally wounded on a war mission



William A., Jr. Clark


314th Fighter Squadron, 324th Fighter Group

United States Air Force



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