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Mingano Gap Monument- 3rd Infantry Division

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Outside the museum on the grounds of Monte Lungo Memorial.


A large carved  local stone with an inscribed metal plaque attached to the front; about 5 feet high.

The monument remembers the fighting at the nearby battlefields of Mignano Gap; Montelungo; Monte Camino, and Monte Rotondo in 1943. The regiments of the 3rd Infantry Division fought on these nearby battlefields in November 1943.

The memorial was dedicated in March 2024 in the presence of the 3rd Infantry Division leadership.

Monument Text:

  The plaque is inscribed in Italian and in English.  The English reads:

Flags of Italy, UK and USA

In honor of the American, British and Italian heroes of Monte Lungo, Monte Rotondo, and Monte Camino who fought in the Italian War of Liberation.
The Third Infantry Division US Army remembers the soldiers of the 7th, 15th and 30th Infantry Regiments, who in November 1943 fought in the Mignano Gap in the attempt to open the way to Rome and liberate it from Nazi-facism.
This memorial commemorates the Division's maximum advance during the battle and honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice to eradicate tyranny.

In Memory of the Dogface Soldiers who fell in the that battle.
Society of the Third Infantry Division US Army Italy
80th Anniversary
Rock of the Marne



15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division

3rd Infantry Division

5th Army

7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

British Army

Italian Army




Italian Campaign

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