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34th Infantry Division “Red Bull” Marker

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Just of the road way on the north side about 20 feet on top of a small mound.


A large stone about 4 feet high with the symbol of the 34th Infantry Division a “Red Bull” sculpted into the stone.


The marker remembers 34th Division Operations as part of II Corps (5th US Army)  attack on the Gothic Line as part of “Operation Olive”.  Two regiments of the 34th “Red Bull” Infantry Division, 133rd and the 135th fought in this difficult terrain in September 1944.  This marker is placed along the ridgeline and trail system that leads to Hill 810, where the division won a hard fought battle. A memorial park exists near the peak Hill 810.  (See this website: 34th Infantry Division Memorial Park- Hill 810 for more on the battle, about a 75 min walk along the trail form this location.)


Operation Olive from US Army History: Operation Olive (25 August-October 1944) was the first Allied attack on the German Gothic Line in the northern Apennines. Although most of the fortifications of the Gothic Line were captured early in the offensive, the Germans managed to hold on to new lines further back, and the Allied offensive eventually ran out of steam late in 1944, tantalizingly close to the Po plains.

2LT Thomas Wigle of the 135th Infantry was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on Monte Frassino on September 14, 1944 , near this location.

Monument Text:

The text on the marker is inscribed in English:


(Image of a “Red Bull” sculpted into the stone)



Infantry Division





Thomas W. Wigle


133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division

135th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division

34th Infantry Division

5th Army




Gothic Line

Italian Campaign

Operation Olive

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