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Resistance Memorial

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In the Echallon meadow is a stele made of fieldstone. On the side of this stele is a plaque to several Allied resistance fighters who fought in the area. Monument A stone plaque topped by the bust of a resistant looking skyward.  The plaque honors four allied special forces troops, including Captain Paul Owen-Denis Johnson, who spent the war organizing and working with the French resistance in the area.  

Monument Text:

Here allied wings brought aid to our defenders and arms for our liberation.  

In this monument, symbolizing the aid of the allies to the resistance units in the Ain and Haut Jura regions in 1943 and 1944, rest the ashes


Of British Colonel Richard Xavier Heslop, 1907-1973, DSO Knight of the Legion of Honor


Of American Captain Paul Owen-Denis Johnson, 1918-1993, DCS Knight of the Legion of Honor, Military Cross, Medal of the Resistance


Of French Captain Raymond Aubin Alfred LaJoie, 1909-1991, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Military Cross


Of Canadian Lieutenant Marcel Vielleux-Yvello, 1921-2004, Military Order of the British Empire


These officers were part of the Buckmaster network



Paul Owen-Denis Johnson



OSS- French Operational Group

United States Army



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