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Bettembourg Parc Municipal

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Monument located in Parc Municipal just behind the World War II monument to Luxembourgers that died during the war. Just off of the Route de Mondorf beside the Bettembourg train station. Plaque Set of stepping stones in park with engravings of major events in Bettembourg during World War II. Two of the stones relate to the US forces. 

Monument Text:

Two stepping stones:

The first stone reads: 
11 Mee 1944 D'Amerikaner bombardeier Beetebuerg. Et gi 27 Doudeger
Translates to: 
On 11 May 1944 the Americans bombed Bettembourg, killing 27.

The second stone reads
 11 September 1944 Den U.S. Generol J. H. Polk a seng Truppen befreied Beetbuerg.
Translates to:
11 September 1944 the U.S. General J. H. Polk and his troops liberated Bettembourg.



James Hilliard Polk


3rd Cavalry Group

3rd Cavalry Regiment

3rd US Army



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