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Mergenthaler Church Mural

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At the back of the church, behind the altar on the right side.

Commemorative Object

A fresco mural about 10 feet high painted on a church wall.


 The mural remembers Private George Mergenthaler, 28th Infantry Division, who was KIA near this church on December 18, 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge.

After the war finally ended and knowing the love and kindness the people in Eschweiler had shown to George during that last month of his life, the Mergenthaler Family offered to fund the complete rebuilding of the war-damaged church of St. Mauritius, the one place where George had spent so much of his time while in town. 


The rebuilding includes the vivid hand painted mural behind the altar that depicts Jesus feeding the masses with the help of an apostle; an apostle wearing a dark purple robe draped over an army green uniform and bearing the likeness of George Mergenthaler. (From the Battle of the Bulge Association Newsleter Nov 2018)


Monument Text:

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George O.  Mergenthaler


28th Infantry Division




Battle of the Bulge

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