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Brigadier General Easley Monument (96th "Deadeye" Infantry Division)

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On a small hillock located just off the road up a set of steps surrounded by a fence, at the Buckner memorial site next to the May monument.



The monument is an inscribed granite rectangular stone about 8 feet tall.

The memorial rememberers BG Cladius "Speck" Easley the Assistant Division Commander for the 96th Infantry Divsion - the "Deadeye's.  The nickname Deadeyes is credited to BG Easley for his intense marksmanship training.

On June 19, 1945 at virtually the same location as where LTG Simon Bolivar Buckner was killed just a few days earlier, Brigadier General Claudius "Speck" Easley was killed while directly action against the enemy. Today, on the same hilltop,  a stone memorial dedicated to Brigadier General Claudius M. Easley remembers his bravery.  It stand next to a memorial to Colonel Edwin May, the Commander of the 383rd Infantry Regiment of the 96th Infantry Division who was also killed while fighting on Okinawa.

Monument Text:

The memorial is written in English and Japanese.  The English reads: 

In memoriam 

Claudius M. Easley 


Brig. Gen. U. S. Army 

Killed on This Spot 19 June 1945 

-96th Infantry Division Symbol-

His disregard 

of personal


 the men of 

the 96th 

to hold their own

 lives lightly in

 performance of 

their duty - for his 

example he paid 

the supreme price




Claudius Miller “Speck”  Easley


10th Army (Operation Iceberg)

96th Infantry Division




Operation Iceberg - Battle for Okinawa

Pacific Theater

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