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ISOB Berge

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Grave site: Square B, Row 05, Grave 011

Isolated Burial

An upright inscribed private gravestone which also includes the names of his immediate family members.


Technical Sergeant Trygve Berge born in Norway on January 2, 1906 and immigrated to the US in 1930.  He became a citizen in 1937 and joined the US Army in 1942.  Being a Norwegian speaker he was recruited into the OSS. 


Berge was a member of OSS (Office of Strategic Services) Operational Group Norway, Team Norso.  On March 31, 1945 he along with five other team members were being deployed  to Norway to support Operation Rype by an Operation Carpetbagger B-24 aircraft. The plane was unable to make the drop and crashed upon returning to home base in the Orkney Islands in Scotland; all but the Co-Pilot were killed in the crash.



See site Kirkwall- Orkney (this website) for more on Operation Rype and the crash that killed Berge. 


Each of the Norwegian-American OSS Team members were buried in their native Norway after the war.   See this website for the Isolated Burials (ISOBs) for each of the OSS team.


Monument Text:

The text on the grave is in Norwegian and includes other members of the Berge Family.




1906 - 1945



Trygve Berge


Office of Strategic Services (OSS)


OSS-Norwegian Operational Group (Norso I/ Norso II)




Operation Carpetbagger

Operation Rype

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