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CPT Hawkins and the 82nd ABN Landing

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On the facade of the house, attached on the wall above the ground floor window, to the left of the entrance door.


A square blue plaque with English inscription in gold lettering. Printed image on the top left of the plaque is the French flag while on the opposite is the American flag. It commemorates the landing in the garden of the house, of Captain Andrew J. Hawkins, Jr. who was in 319th GFAB (Glider Field Artillery Battalion), but jumped with the 82nd Airborne as forward reconnaissance early morning of 6th June 1944.

Monument Text:

Le 6 juin 1944

Dans le jardin de cette maison

le Capitaine Andrew J. HAWKINS Jr.

et ses compagnons de la 82nd AIRBORNE

ont touché le sol de FRANCE

puis rejoint les troupes alliées

dans la Bataille de NORMANDIE.


Grâce à ceux qui les ont aides.


QUETTEHOU reconnaisant.


English translation:


On June 6, 1944

In the garden of this house

Captain Andrew J. HAWKINS Jr.

and his companions of the 82nd AIRBORNE

touched the ground of FRANCE

then joined the allied troops

in the Battle of NORMANDY.


Thanks to those who helped them.


QUETTEHOU grateful.



Andrew Johnston Hawkins


319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

82nd Airborne Division

United States Army




Normandy Invasion