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Pfc John Wesley Powers Plaque

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The plaque is attached to the Maginot pillbox on the east side of the road.


A black, rectangular plaque, inscribed in English and French in gold lettering. The photo of PFC Powers is on the top right while the 45th Division insignia is printed on the bottom left. The plaque commemorates Pfc John Wesley Powers who was severely wounded and was taken prisoner during Operation Nordwind.


On New Year’s Day, 1945, the German Army launched an attack named Operation Nordwind, or North Wind, which saw the Power’s 6th Corps taking the brunt of the assault. At 4 a.m. Jan. 4, 1945, Powers was manning a machine gun in a Maginot Line casement, or fortification, near Dambach, France. Sometime during the day’s fighting, Powers was injured after his position was overrun and occupied by Germans. He was taken to a German aid station at Neunhoffen but later died of his wounds.


The Germans buried him with a fallen German soldier next to a roadside monument of Christ on the Cross, the unnamed German on the left, and Powers on the right. After the burial, the Germans left a map with the mayor of Dambach showing the grave’s location. The remains were recovered after the war.

Source of information:

Monument Text:

On the left:


Soldier Remembered


PFC John Wesley Powers a machine gunner attached to

The 45th Division, 157th Infantry, Company H,

Manning tins casemate during Operation Nordwind, his

position was over-run by the enemy. He was severely

wounded and was taken prisoner

German Military marked a wooden cross that read

"J.W. Powers U.S.A. gefallen 4, Jan. 1945"



On the right:


Souvenir d'un soldat


PFC John Wesley Powers, un mitrailleur attaché à la 45ème

Division d'Infanterie US, 157ème Reg. Compagnie H.

Tenant cette casemate l'opération Nordwind, sa

position a été attaquée par l'ennemi. Il y a été grièvement

blessé et a été fait prisonnier avant de décéder.


Les Allemands ont gravé une croix de bois indiquant

"J.W. Powers U.S.A gefallen 4, Jan. 1945"



John Wesley Powers


157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Division

45th Infantry Division

7th Army

United States Army