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Raydon Airfield Memorial

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On the south side of the road.


The memorial consists of several parts each representing a different aspect of the airfield. Raydon airfield (USAAF Stn. F-157) was constructed by the 833rd and 862nd Aviation Engineer Battalions. Work began on 19th August 1942 on constructing to Class A Bomber standard although it was only ever used by fighters. The longest runway was 6,000 feet (1.83 km) in length with a second and third runway, each 4,200 feet (1.28 km) a remaining part of which can be seen beyond the memorial. The project wasn't completed until early 1944. The two T2 hangars are still in use today.


The primary aircraft which flew from here were P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs. A single propeller from each flank the memorial. The circular base of the Memorial bears the winged emblem of the USAAF. In the center is a plaque and on top of the plinth is a map of the airfield as it was in 1946. An info sign is placed on the right-hand side in front of the memorial. The memorial was constructed in May 1995 by the Raydon Airfield Preservation Society (RAPS) and dedicated on June 10, 1995. Despite many of the buildings and control tower being demolished, Raydon is one of the more complete Second World War USAAF airfields (bases) in East Anglia that was not used by the United States Air Force during the Cold War.

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Monument Text:

On the plaque:


From this former airfield, during World War Two, fighter aircraft

of the USAAF flew operations that contributed to the

Allied Victory in Europe.

833rd Aviation Engineer Battalion

862nd Aviation Engineer Battalion

357th Fighter Group

358th Fighter Group

353rd Fighter Group

And their support units

Sincerely dedicated to those so far from home, who came to help us

in our hour of need.

10th June 1995



353rd Fighter Group

357th Fighter Group

358th Fighter Group

833rd Air Engineer Battalion

862nd Aviation Engineer Battalion

8th Air Force

9th Air Force

US Army Air Corps



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