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OSS Headquarters (Gjefsjøen Fjellgård)- Operation Rype.

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In a meadow, adjacent to several the buildings in a remote area.

Commemorative Object

A renovated (2021) two-story wooden mountain lodge named Gjefsjøen Fjellgård.


The building was used as the Headquarters for Operation Rype, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) mission in Norway in 1945.



Operation Rype (Grouse) was an OSS Mission led by Major William Colby (later a Director of the CIA) the Leader of the OSS Norwegian Operation Group which included teams Norso I & II with the mission of impeding the redeployment of 350,000 enemy forces from Norway to Germany in 1945. The OSS Team was partially recruited from the 99th Infantry Battalion (Sep) (Norway) who formed the core of the OSS Norwegian Operation group; the OSS was a precursor to the present day CIA. Operation Rype (Grouse) was very successful despite the loss of two aircraft (The Snasa- Plukkuttjonnfjellet peak crash and Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland; see this website  for more on these crashes).


Special thanks to the OSS Gjefsjoen Group for renovating this building and for assistance with this memorial.  OSS Gjefsjoen is a group that fosters the memory of Operation Rype and works out of the former HQ of Operation Rype at the Gjefsjøen fjellgård.

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Monument Text:




William Egan  Colby


99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) (Norwegian)

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)


OSS-Norwegian Operational Group (Norso I/ Norso II)




Operation Rype

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