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B-24J 42-51343 'Shazam' Framed Plaque

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Within the church, at the rear, hanging on the rood screen.


Two printed papers framed with a glass pane and wooden border; one of a photograph of the aircrew, and the other with details of the Liberator, its crew, and the crash. The plaques pertain to the crew of the B-24J #42-51343 'Shazam' who died in the crash of their airplane in Carr's Hill Wood, Costessey, on March 7, 1945. There are 2 more memorials relating to the crew and the crash; one is outside the church and the other is in the Costessey cemetery.

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Monument Text:

Last Flight of the Liberator


Planted in 1992, in memory of 10 members of 564 Bomb Squadron, USAF

Who crashed in Carr's Hill Wood, Costessey

7 March 1945


The memorial is to the crew of B-24J Liberator 'Shazam' (42-51343 / K-YO) of the 564th

Bombardment Squadron, 389th Bombardment Group from Hethel, Norfolk. The mission that day

was oil and communication targets including the rail yards at Soest, Bielefeld and the viaduct at

Schildesche. 'Shazam' crashed after take off killing the entire crew.


A separate memorial plaque lists the crew


1st Lt Dale E Williams (Pilot)

2nd Lt Richard K Angert

T/Sgt Marion J Kaczmarek

S/Sgt George W Eckelbecker

S/Sgt John A Luther

1st Lt George E Benko

Sgt Hubert D Pfeiffer

S/Sgt James V Hill

S/Sgt Alan E Whitehurst

Cpl Dwayne H Huebner



Lt. Dale E. Williams crew, aircraft "Shazam"


The target for the day was the Soest Marshaling Yards. They crashed shortly after take off in

cloudy weather with heavy icing. Because no one survived the crash and the weather clouded

the crash from the view of other aircraft and civilians on the ground, the exact cause of the crash

was never determined. Three witnesses on the ground saw the aircraft moments before it hit the

ground. All said that the aircraft was on fire when it broke through the low clouds and that the

plane appeared to level off before the right wing broke off the aircraft and the fuselage crashed

into the ground and exploded.


Crash remains, B-24J Liberator 'Shazam" (42-51343 / K-YO) of the 564th Bombardment

Squadron, 389th Bombardment Group (Hethel)


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389th Bomber Group (Heavy)

564th Bomber Squadron, 389th Bomber Group, Heavy

8th Air Force

US Army Air Corps



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