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US Skylighters Memorial

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On the South Beach promenade. It is on the east side of The Searchlight Building overlooking the North Sea.


A rough-hewn trapezoidal stone bearing a rectangular silver metal plaque with a white background that is inscribed in English in incised lettering. This commemorates the Skylighters Searchlight site T114 and is dedicated to the men and officers of the 225th  AAA Searchlight Battalion. This is a replacement for an earlier (2003) plaque and was restored and relocated to the current site in 2019. The original plaque was unveiled on May 13, 2003. This site was a common approach route for German aircraft based in Norway sent to attack the greater Newcastle area, was occupied by one of the 225th's searchlight sections as they trained 

for the invasion of Europe and participated in the Air Defense of Great Britain.

Source of photo: Imperial War Museum War Memorials Register

Monument Text:

This plaque is to commemorate

the Skylighters Searchlight site TT114

(also known as “Link House” Farm, Blyth)


It is dedicated to the 827 men and officers of

the 225th Anti-aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion

of the US Army who were deployed over Blyth and Tyneside in March 1944 in the

Defence of Great Britain under operational control of the 30th British AAA Brigade.


“Whilst in Blyth we sharpened our skills in high altitude tracking of aircraft and our

stay in this part of England was marked by a gracious acceptance by the local

population which helped us in our mission to gain the knowledge we needed.


The Battalion left Blyth in May 1944 and landed on Omaha Beach in June of that year

as part of the invasion of Europe and the defence of Normandy.

We will always be grateful for the help given to us by the local population."




225th AAA Searchlight Battalion Veterans Association



225th Anti-aircraft Artillery Searchlight Battalion

United States Army