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The American Monument

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Directly on the hill. Monument High above the Marne valley and Champagne vineyards stands this memorial to battles fought by French and American troops in the area in June-July 1918. It was designed by the architect Paul P. Cret and was inaugurated on October 9th 1937 in the presence of General Pershing.

Monument Text:

This monument has been erected by The United States of America to commemorate the services of her troops and those of France who fought in this region during the World War.  It stands as a lasting symbol of the friendship and cooperation between the French and American Armies.

In late May 1918 the German Army made a surprise attack along the Aisne River and advanced rapidly toward the Marne.  Allied reinforcements were hurriedly brought up, including the 2d and 3d American divisions which went into position directly across the German line of advance toward Paris.  After sever fighting these divisions definitely stopped the progress of the attack on their front and the lines stabilized, the German forces having driven a deep salient, roughly defined by Reims, Chateau-Thierry and Soissons, into allied territory.

The last great German offensive of the war, on July 15, included an attack in the eastern part of this salient and there the 3d American division and elements of the 28th were important factors in the successful defense of the allied positions.

On July 18 the allied troops began a general counteroffensive against the whole salient in which the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 26th, 28th, 32d and 42d American divisions, most of which served under the I and III American Corps. took a brilliant part.  This offensive was a complete success and by August 6 the enemy had been driven beyond the Vesle River.  Later the 4th, 28th, 32d and 77th American divisions and elements of the 3d and 93d played a prominent role in the desperate fighting on and North of the Vesle.

Of the 310,000 American soldiers who fought in these operations, 67,000 were casualties.



1st Infantry Division

26th Infantry Division

28th Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division

42nd (Rainbow) Division

4th Infantry Division

93rd Division (Colored)

United States Army



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