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Elvis Presley Park Bench

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At the end of the bridge. Commemorative Object


The memorial is a bench formed with musical notation, a guitar, and a microphone.


Elvis Presley, the famed Rock ‘n Roll legend, was drafted into military service and served in Army in Germany with the 32nd Armored Regiment of the 3rd Armored “Spearhead” Division from 1958-1960.  He was stationed at Ray Barracks in Friedberg, Germany.  


The nearby street lights use a form of Elvis for the pedestrian signals.


Several other sites nearby remember Elvis’ time serving in Germany.  See sites Friedberg; Bad Nauheim and Ober-Morlen for more on Elvis on this website. 

Monument Text:




Elvis Aaron Presley


32nd Armored Regiment, 3rd Amored Division

37th Armored Regiment

3rd Armored Division

United States Army


Cold War

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