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Liberation of Vexin Monument

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On the south side of the intersection.


A low curved wall on which three plaques are affixed relating to the liberation of Vexin. The left-most plaque lists the names of the American soldiers who were in the battle, the second plaque contains the commemoration message and the last plaque lists the names of the civilian casualties. 


The memorial for the liberation of the Vexin was built on the battlefield, between American lines and German troops, hidden away in the woods of Marainville, Montgison, and the Longues Mares. From 20 to 28 August 1944, attacks and counterattacks came one after the other in this zone. Almost every day, the German Tiger tanks rushed out from the woods to attempt to gain back the village of Fontenay-Saint-Père down below. There was fighting in the cemetery and on the road to Meulan which borders the water tower. Several hundred Germans died in these repeated attacks as well as some fifty GIs.

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Center plaque:






Hommage à la 79th Infantry Division

américaine en position à Fontenay-Saint-

Père, point fort de la Tête de

Pont US de Mantes. 


Du 20 au 28 août 1944, le 314th Infantry Regiment

du colonel Olin Teague fit face et repoussa avec

courage et détermination, au prix de fortes pertes, les

incessantes contre-attaques allemandes appuyées

de chars Tigre.


En mémoire de tous les GI's morts au combat à



Leur sacrifice permit la contre-attaque, avec le

renfort de la 30th Infrantry Division US, et la libération

du Vexin dans sa totalité le 30 août 1944.


Avec les pertes de l'adversaire et des civils, la bataille

du Vexin fit près de 3 000 victimes en dix jours de



Ce mémorial a été inauguré le 5 septembre 2021.

En hommage aux victimes militaires et civiles

tombées pour la Libération du Vexin et de la Patrie.


Les habitants du Vexin reconnaissants



Homage to the American 79th Infantry

Division in position at Fontenay-Saint-

Pere, a strong point of the US Mantes



The 314th Infantry Regiment commanded by Colonel

Olin Teague bravely faced and decisively repelled

relentless German counter-attacks supported by

Tiger tanks from 20 to 28 August 1944, but at a

cost of heavy casualties.


In memory of all the GIs killed in action in Fontenay-



Their sacrifice allowed the Vexin territory to be

liberated in its entirety on 30 August 1944 through

counter-attacks with reinforcements from the 30th

Infantry Division.


The battle for the Vexin claimed nearly 3 000 victims

in ten days of fighting including civilians and losses

by the enemy.


This memorial was inaugurated on 5 September



As a tribute to the military and civilian victims who

fell for the Liberation of the Vexin and France. 


Gratefully from the People of Vexin






Olin Earl  Teague


30th Infantry Division

314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division

79th Infantry Division



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