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La Bourgonce Liberation Plaque

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On the side of the church. It is mounted on the wall behind the town war memorial.


A rectangular white plaque commemorating the 3rd and 45th American Infantry Divisions that liberated the town in World War II. The plaque is written in French and English in printed and black lettering. The crossed flags of the US and France, the 3rd and 45th American Infantry Division insignias are printed on the top of the plaque while on the bottom are the 15th Infantry Regiment and 179th Infantry Battalion unit crests. The plaque was dedicated on October 22, 2022.

Monument Text:

La Bourgonce à ses libérateurs


En l'honneur des vaillants soldats des 3émes et 45éme Divisions d'infanterie Américaines qui ont liberé le territoire de la commune, parfois au prix du sacrifice suprême, entre le 24 et le 31 octobre 1944.



La Bourgonce to its liberators


In honor of the valiant soldiers of the 3rd and 45th American Infantry Divisions who liberated the territory of the commune, sometimes at the cost of the ultimate sacrifice, between October 24 and 31, 1944.



3rd Infantry Division

45th Infantry Division

7th Army

United States Army