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Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment Plaque

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Mounted on the curved outside wall to the right of the entrance gate.


A bronze rectangular plaque with English, German, and French inscribed text in honor of local heroes Colonel Christian Von Zweibruecken, his brother Lt. Colonel Wilhelm Von Zweibruecken (both DAR Patriots), and the members of the Regiment Royal Deux-Ponts who heroically defeated English General Cornwallis’s troops on Redoute 9 at Yorktown, Virginia, in October 1781, thus ending the American Revolutionary War. The plaque was dedicated on October 29, 2022.


This French regiment, which was stationed in Zweibruecken, was raised and sponsored by Christian IV, father of Christian and Wilhelm. Members of the regiment came from the Palatinate and Saarland regions in Germany, as well as from Alsace and Lorraine in France:  truly a French-German regiment.


The regiment's great hour came on October 14, 1781, when it was necessary to force the English, who were numerically superior and entrenched in Yorktown, to surrender the town. Wilhelm von Forbach and his battalion led the attack on Yorktown's Redoubt 9 and, by storming it, played a major role in forcing the English to surrender five days later, on October 19. With their 29 dead, the regiment had made a significant contribution to ensuring that nothing stood in the way of American independence.

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Monument Text:

Home of Hier wohnten - Ici vécurent




Counts of Forbach      Grafen von Forbach    Comtes de Forbach

To honor their service - Für ihre Verdienste - En l'honneur de leur service:


and the Régiment Royal Deux-Ponts members


during the American Revolution and the

decisive Battle of Yorktown, Virginia, in October 1781.


in der Amerikanischen Revolution und bei der entscheidenden

Schlacht von Yorktown, Virginia, im Oktober 1781.


leur bravoure a permis de remporter la bataille décisive

de la Révolution américaine en octobre 1781 à Yorktown, en Virginie.


This plaque is dedicated by the Palatinate Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, October 2022



American Revolutionary War

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