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Victims of the El Salvador Civil War Additional Monument

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To the east of the Chancery Building.


A concrete pillar containing 27 names of US armed forces and Salvadoran military members who were killed in action in El Salvador. The names inscribed here are also inscribed on the nearby memorial wall except for those names in bold in the monument text below as they are probably Salvadoran armed forces members.

Monument Text:



Michael Hammer 

Mark Pearlman

LCdr Albert Schaufelberger

Cmdte. Alfredo Zapata

Cabo Santiago Carcamo Segovia

Cmdte. Raul Melendez Aquino

SSgt Bobby J. Dickson

SSgt Thomas T. Handwork

Sgt Gregory Weber

Sgt Patrick R. Kwiatkowski

SSg Gregory A. Fronius

LtCol. James M. Basile

LtC Joseph L. Lujan

1Lt Gregory J. Paredes

CW2 John D. Raybon

SSg Lynn V. Keen

SP4 Douglas L. Adams

Billy Mejico Quinteros M.

Jose Ernesto Pacas Membreño

LtC David H. Pickett

CW4 Daniel S. Scott

PFC Ernest G. Dawson

CW2 Paul S. Timmer

WO1 Eric D. Funderburg

SFC Juan Guerra-Llopiz

Sgt David Coleman

SPC Marvin T. Simpson