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75th Infantry and 3rd Armored Division

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When entering the traffic circle from the N807, this monument can be easily located by looking for the American Flag located on left-hand side top section of the monument. 

Located to the northeast side of the traffic circle stands a German Panzer tank. 
Monument The monument is dedicated to the allied forces who fought here between 1944 till 1945. This is very well-maintained monument displaying the American and Belgian flags. The main platform is a raised stone paved star pattern with an upright sandstone pillar upon which a marble plague is affixed. The plague is written in English and French. A semi-circle of flags stands behind a hedge row located at the top of the memorial.  

Monument Text:

  Remember 1944-1945
Vallées, collines, forêts, et villages
d'Ardenne, vous les avez vus
passer, se battre, souffrir, tomber.
Sous leur drapeau étoilé sàvançait
la liberté.

En remerciement à tous les 
combattants alliés.

Valleys, hills, forests and villages
of the Ardennes, you have seen
them pass, fight, suffer and fall.
Under the stars of their flag
liberty was marching.

In recognition and gratitude to 
all the allied soldiers.




3rd Armored Division

3rd Armored Tank Battalion

75th Infantry Division




Battle of the Bulge

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