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Commodore John P. Jones Plaque

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On the exterior wall of the 2nd floor of the building. Very visible on the street.

A granite plaque marking the location where Commodore John Paul Jones lived in St. Petersburg, Russia from 1788-1789. The plaque includes a portrait relief of John Paul Jones flanked by two cannon barrels, with text in both Russian and English languages to recognize his contributions to U.S. and Russian Navies. On 6 July 2003, U.S. Naval Attache and Russian Navy representatives participated in the dedication of this memorial.

After distinguished service in the U.S. Revolutionary War, Commodore John Paul Jones retained his U.S. citizenship and officer rank but held no further appointments in the United States Navy. During 1787-1790 he served as Rear Admiral in the Russian Imperial Navy under commission from Empress Catherine II of Russia. As a Rear Admiral aboard the 24-gun flagship Vladimir, he took part in the naval campaign in the Dnieper-Bug Liman along the Black Sea. In May 1790, Jones arrived in Paris. He still retained his position as Russian Rear Admiral, with a corresponding pension which allowed him to remain in retirement until his death two years later.

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Monument Text:

Джон Пол Джонс

John Paul Jones



Российского флота,

национальный герой

и основатель флота США


Admiral of the Russian Navy

national hero and father

of the United States Navy


жил в этом доме в 1788-1789

lives here from 1788 to 1789



John Paul Jones


United States Navy


American Revolutionary War